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Cocofire is an innovative briquette that perfectly fits the exigencies of a contemporary life-style. Intelligent choices, care to your health and respect for the environment are contained all in these exclusive healthy briquettes made with 100% recycled material. Branches from the annual pruning of Coconut Shell, from Coconut Shell and Tapioca resulting after pressing. 100% environmentally friendly produced without chemicals. Here is the briquette you needed!

Why is

Cocofire Healthy?

Cocofire is the only briquette that derives from a noble living being such as the coconut fruit. It is organically produced with no chemical additions at all. Unlike other common coal and charcoal briquettes, Cocofire doesn’t produce smoke when burning therefore it doesn’t release toxic substances (like HCA’s and PAH’s) that are damaging to your health.

What We Do

Our Facility

Cocofire Factory

We have been producing Cocofire Charcoal for many years and we are undeniably proud of the quality of our products. 


We have accurate testing to ensure our products have the highest levels of quality, potency and purity in our own laboratory.

Cocofire Store

We are proud of our brand and customer service and now we have 50 distribution stores around the world.


Our Production

We prefer the Production Process Manually, because Hand Sensors are more precise than the Sensor Machines, so that the quality of our Products is really well-tested.

Apart from that also the principle of Community Empowerment becomes our Working Priority.

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Types of Cocofire Products

Take a look at the different types of Charcoal products we produce.

Shisha / Hookah

Cocofire is Natural Coconut Charcoal designed to be long lasting and to provide clean flavor to your hookah session.


The Worlds Number 1 Briquette BBQ Charcoal. … BBQ fuel using a sustainable composition of 100% natural coconut shell & candlenut shell raw material that is unique to Cocofire.

Baking Ovens

With using Cocofire charcoal, the smoke from the grill will help give your pizza great flavor that you simply cannot get from a regular oven.


These recycled materials are assembled through an eco-friendly production method. Compared to traditional coal and charcoal briquettes, Cocofire produces 30% less carbon monoxide.

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Our Happy Customers

Abdurrehman AHM Company

We are the Sole Distributor of Cocofire for Syria, Iraq and Turkey. We are very happy to work with Cocofire, in addition to friendly and excellent service, Cocofire products also have the best quality.

Silvia Stone D'bubble Shisha

Cocofire is of very high quality, the heat is sufficient for a shisha session, the duration of the coals is also quite long, there is no odor, the ashes are very clean and not sticky. Highly recommended for you.

Mike Cooper Blogger

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Justin Fisher Developer

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